Soar through the sky at intense speed while gracefully dodging perilously close obstacles.

Flying through a city of jumbled towers Soaring through lush vegatation in the jungle Gliding through towering mountains Flying among the ruins of a flooded city at sunset
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Flying around towering, haphazardly constructed structures Soaring over ancient stone ruins through a sky filled with hot air balloons Banking dramatically to the right high up over a desert canyon Approaching large, strange structures made of metal girders and wooden platforms, covered in small buildings and shacks

Impossible Soaring is an intense test of flying skill. You score points by gliding as close as you dare to surfaces and obstacles. The closer you get, and the faster you fly, the more points you'll score. Greater risk means greater reward! Keep your streak going to build up a combo multiplier for an even larger score. Do well enough and you might achieve a spot on the online leaderboard!

Flying above an island atoll covered in giant, colorful coral formations Flying deep into dark jungle undergrowth Soaring down into a steep mountain valley Gliding over strange, vertical stacked rock formations
Flying along a huge metal girder above a sunken city Flying near a windmill among metal girders, wooden platforms, and haphazardly constructed shacks Soaring between two large pillars of rock Soaring towards rock shelf formations sticking out of the walls of a desert canyon
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